Training Indirect Vision Skills via Smartphone

Pusan National University School of Dentistry introduces indirect vision training app(Dental MirrorMaster) in pre-clinical phase. Exploration of utilizing Dental Mirror Works based on MOU with Dental Edutech Inc.
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Mar 05, 2024
Training Indirect Vision Skills via Smartphone

Pusan National University Graduate School of Dentistry (hereafter referred to as the School) is attracting attention for its indirect vision skills training education using a smartphone app.

The school introduced a smartphone-based handpiece training application(Dental MirrorMaster) into pre-clinical practice.

Indirect vision is an essential skill for dentists. Dentiforms and dental manikins have traditionally been primarily used for indirect vision training. However, mastering indirect vision skills is one of the challenging competencies for dental students.

To address this, the school was the first among domestic universities to introduce the dental virtual reality simulator Simodont (Nissin Dental Products Inc., Japan) in 2016 for indirect vision training education, and it has been using Simodont in regular courses since 2018.

Additionally, in March, the School signed an MOU with Dental Edutech to utilize and develop the smartphone-based dental practice program 'Dental Mirror Master'. Dental MirrorMaster, developed by Dental Edutech CEO Lee Jong-ki, allows students to use it anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone application. It is designed to incorporate various content related to dental simulation.

Professor Kim Jae-hoon, in charge of 'Virtual Reality Dental Practice', expects that with the introduction of Dental Mirror Master, students will be able to learn indirect vision skills more freely and interestingly, in addition to the existing Simodont system. The school plans to explore ways to improve and further utilize the Dental Mirror Master program through its use in the educational field.

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