Dental MirrorMaster Guide Book

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Mar 05, 2024
Dental MirrorMaster Guide Book


  • Dental MirrorMaster is an educational app that enhances dentists' ability to use dental mirror for better visibility during treatment, through simulated oral cavity scenarios.

  • Proficiency in indirect vision skills impacts the efficiency and quality of dental treatment and the operator's posture.

  • However, those not used to using mirrors may avoid it during treatment, hindering their skills development. Consistent and repetitive practice with Dental MirrorMaster is crucial for acquiring indirect vision skills.

  • It is recommended to use the app daily, even briefly, and once you feel comfortable with it, try applying it to actual patients. Incorporating it into clinical practice can help you acquire more practical skills.


App Navigation

(1) My profile: Personal information - name, nationality, email, occupation, etc.

(2) My training history: Check the records of previous plays.

(3) My classroom: Class management for use in school.

(4) My badge: Management of accomplishments.

(5) Community board: Bulletin board for exchanging information among members.

(6) Message board: Bulletin board for events and latest information.

Start your first training

  • Learning the controls: Control Tutorial

  • Removing caries: Remove the caries reflected in the mirror using a handpiece within a time limit.

  • Progressing to the next stage: Move on to the next stage when a required score is achieved.

Suggested training sequence

  • We recommend practicing basic skills in [Exercise for Beginner] and then evaluating your ability in [Test Your Skills].

  • If you do not achieve the desired score in [Test Your Skills], practice more basic skills in [Exercise for Beginner] and try again.

  • [Test Your Skills] shows your level and the proportion of participants you belong to based on your score.

  • [Challenge Mode] adds new missions regularly and allows participants to test their skills among themselves.

Progress Tracking

  • You can view your practice records in [My Training History] and [History] for each lesson you complete.

  • Your progress can be tracked through level upgrades in [Test Your Skills] and rankings in [Challenge Mode].

  • Consistent practice over time is key to improving your skills.

Control Tutorial

Instructions for Operation

  • Adjusting the mirror: Touch the Mirror control area on the left to move the mirror.

  • Operating the handpiece: Touch the Handpiece control area on the right to move the handpiece.

  • Moving the bur towards the tooth: To bring the bur in contact with the tooth, hold down the handpiece area for more than 1 second without moving it. This will force the handpiece towards the tooth.

  • Drilling: Touch both the handpiece and mirror areas simultaneously to start drilling.

  • While drilling, you can move the handpiece and mirror independently.

Video guide

Techniques for Optimizing Visibility

  • Proper visualization is crucial in dental treatments, as the oral cavity is a confined space. In clinical practice, adjusting the mirror and the patient's head position are commonly used to achieve better visibility. These techniques can also be simulated in Dental MirrorMaster.

  • Mirror adjustment: Moving the mirror around can help detect hidden caries. This approach is applicable in actual clinical settings as well.

  • Head position adjustment: Tilting or raising the patient's head can provide a different angle of view. You can try this out in Dental MirrorMaster.

Exercise Mode

Training Objectives

  • The training objectives are to develop the skill of removing caries using a handpiece while looking at the image reflected in the mirror.

  • You will learn the layout of mirrors and handpieces for each tooth and how to adapt the handpiece in the desired direction based on indirect views of each tooth.

  • You will acquire the skill of using both hands simultaneously to adjust the mirror and handpiece together.

πŸ’‘ Why is the ability to use both hands important?

Training Content

  • Train the use of mirrors and handpieces for each tooth in the upper and lower jaw, as well as the right and left sides.

  • Improve technical skills by progressing to higher difficulty levels.

  • Learn to maintain optimal vision by continuously adjusting the position of the mirror during caries removal.

  • Train to adjust the patient's position for a better view.

  • Train with a layout commonly used in clinical settings for patient position, handpiece, and mirror placement to enhance the ability to apply these skills in real-world situations.

  • Consistent repetition training: The indirect vision skills can be learned through repetitive practice. It is important to practice consistently every day, even if it's just a little bit. Once the skill is familiarized, it can be applied in real clinical settings.

  • Continuous personal record challenge: At first, the goal may be to pass each stage, but it's also beneficial to challenge oneself to beat their own high score.

  • Integration with clinical practice: Once you become familiar with the app, try applying the skill on real patients. Start with easy cases such as occlusal surface of maxillary or mandibular molars. If there is a problem with water splashing, adjust the position of the suction to solve the problem. Take one challenge at a time, and if you encounter difficulties with the mirror, practice with Dental MirrorMaster to improve your skills.

Test Skills Mode


  • This assessment evaluates proficiency in indirect vision skills. Based on the score acquired, participants can assess their level of expertise.

  • The assessment evaluates the level of proficiency in three stages: maxillary premolars, molars, and mandibular molars.

  • Upon completing all three stages, the assessment provides a proficiency level based on the scoring criteria.




S level

As the owner of the highest level of proficiency, you can perform precise tooth removal under indirect vision.

A level

Being a highly skilled practitioner, you can perform precise tooth removal, and with a little more practice, you can become an expert at the S level.

B level

You have some proficiency in indirect vision, but you need more training for clinical application.

C level

You are currently at the beginner level for indirect vision skills.

Tips for Improving Your Level

  • Practice regularly and get familiar with the mirror view to achieve a high score.

  • If you find the test mode challenging, start with the easier exercises in the exercise mode to improve your skills.

  • Adjust the mirror and patient's head position to improve your visibility.

  • Use a small diameter bur to precisely remove the decayed part.

Training Rewards



Proficiency Award

Achievement after completing the Test mode

Attendance Award

Consecutive play days

Outstanding Effort Award

Accumulated playtime

Challenge Mode


  • Compete with users from around the world every week with new cases.

How it works

  • Rankings are determined by the sum of the scores from the cases presented in Challenge mode.

Achievement rewards

  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded according to ranking.

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