Access Cavity Design & Internal Anatomy

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Jun 27, 2024
Access Cavity Design & Internal Anatomy

This time, we've prepared a visually oriented explanation of access cavity preparation to help you understand it. 

Dental EndoMaster is an app that provides training on sketching a tooth's pulp chamber. Our app, based on an accurate micro-CT model of the tooth, allows you to build up the skill to see the inside of the teeth.

  1. You’re looking at the maxillary first molar to begin root canal treatment. Instead of accessing the cavity from the central pit, try to sketch the interior of the tooth first.

  2. Can you visualize the four pulp horns inside?

  3. Next, project these pulp horns to the occlusal surface.

  4. Match the pulp horns on the occlusal surface. Drilling at these points should lead to the pulp horns underneath.

  5. Now, let’s also project the canal orifices using the same method.

  6. Try to remember the geometric pattern formed by the pulp horns and the canal orifices. Imagine this triangular shape as you form the cavity.

  7. How does it feel? By practicing this organized method, you can confidently create the shape of the cavity!

Following this method allows you to create conservative cavities while minimizing tooth removal.

Try training with Dental EndoMaster on various teeth to practice and experience each internal structure. It will make your cavity preparation easier and boost your confidence.

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